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4 Steps to Choose a Professional Car Window Tinting Shop

Most people think that tinting car windows is quite a simple decision to make.while they soon change their idea since the installed price can vary over $100 from one shop to the next for tinting the same vehicle.

Also you can tint your car window yourself if you have confidence in doing such professional job. What you need to do is first to learn some useful skills from YouTube, WikiHow or tinting tools online store like TintingTool.com. Then you just need to buy a standard tint tools kit which offers you all tinting tools (like tinting handled squeegee, window tinting scratch and tinting sprayer that you can buy easily from TintingTool.com) you need to install auto windows.

If you need a professional, here are some tips you helping you choose a better tint shop.

Years in business
Quality tint shops are always busy even there are loads of local competitors who by offer service at reasonable prices. Finding a tint shop that has been in business for at least 5 years is a great decision.

Types and quality of film
You can find different types of tinting films from various manufacturers in this business - materials from non-reflective, hybrid, full metal to titanium, stainless steel; colors from bluish to gray or charcoal to the coffee brown found in bronze/stainless steel tints.

Non-reflective/dyed film is the lowest. Despite of cheap price, this type of film has the shortest guarantee, and has a tendency to turn purple and form bubbles over time.

The best-selling film can be hybrid tinting which has a slightly different appearance and color from the non-reflective. The major difference between these two materials is solar heat rejection and warranty. As we all know, hybrid tinting rejects much more solar heat and the product warranties are much better than the standard non-reflective products. That is why most tinting manufacturers offer extended or lifetime warranties for the hybrid/high performance films.

Comparing to hybrid tinting materials, full metal films usually have the same or slightly higher solar heat rejection, while lifetime warranty including a clause against fading of the material over an extended period of time. Just choose the film basing on the materials, color, our personality, as well as your local laws about window tint.

Beware of tint shops that only offer one or two types of film. Since the films may not be qualified.

Installation methods
Maybe you have found that some shops leave a small gap or micro-edge at the top of the roll-down windows, while others instead to take the tinting all the way to the edge of the glass. The first is much better since it will not make extra damage when rolling down your windows.

Rear windows can usually be tinted in one piece of film. The one-piece rear window installation is preferable over the rear window being installed in several pieces. One-piece rear windows can cost more due to the extra time and expertise needed for this type of tinting installation.

The warranty on the car tint varies according to the window film you applied. Install only window film backed with a Lifetime Warranty for materials and labor is always your first choice.